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Ermedel Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3L

Ermedel Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3L

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You know what goes with wine? Food. You know what good food needs? Fat. What's the top 2 best cooking Fats? Olive Oil and Butter. Here we have Extra Virgin Olive Oil (hereby known as EVOO). Not just any EVOO but SUPER FRESH pressed EVOO from a single family estate in the heart of Sierra Sur de Jaen, Andalucia, Spain. Pressed in August this year I believe... What does that mean? Alive EVOO. With fragrant aromas of green olives (dah), fresh cut grass, tomato leaf and green almond. Fresh and green basically. Proper good stuff.

And if you cook like we cook then 3L is basically minimum viable vessel... at €33 that's €11/L. You're probably paying something like that for 500ml for not great stuff in your supermarket...

We have some smaller sizes (200ml and 500ml) bottles in store should you want to sample some first.

Full disclosure, we mostly bought this for own use as we love (no! require) good EVOO in our pantry. It's an essential staple and frankly the supermarket stuff here is atrocious. It's probably not even actually olive oil sometimes... so here's our solution (much like with our desire for great natural wines), if we can't find it here, go straight to the source and import it directly ourselves. Boom! Get some.

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