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Pakruojo Dvaro Distillery Maple in Bloom 0.5L

Pakruojo Dvaro Distillery Maple in Bloom 0.5L

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My personal favourite from Lithuania's finest Distillery. I love the story from the Distillery about how this particular one came about, so I'll let them do the talking:

"On one rare stormy evening in Spring, not far from our distillery in Lithuania, a maple tree in full heady bloom was struck by lightning. As fate would have it, one exceptionally large branch, fully laden with blossoms, lay invitingly on the ground as if willing us to sample her blossoms. When nature presents us with such a welcome gift we would be unwise to refuse. The resulting infusion was matured for more than 200 days. The entire process - from start to finish - was a labour of love, knowing that all of the flavoursome ingredients were picked by our very own hands in our very own surroundings. The quantity of herbs presented to us by nature dictated the number of bottles which we could produce. Making this an entirely unique and limited edition, produced in harmonious cooperation between man and his natural surroundings." - Pakruojo Dvaro Distillery

35% abv

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