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Decideret Plumbastisk 2020+21

Decideret Plumbastisk 2020+21

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Brut Nature from Apples and Opal Plums.

"Meet Mr Plumbastisk. A wine made from surplus garden apples from Funen 2020 with the addition of Opal plums in the summer of 2021.

We stomped the plums and added the juice and skins to the tank for a second fermentation with the apples".

At only 6% ABV - this has Sunday brunch written all over it...

For years Denmark has been at the forefront of food culture with it's new nordic cuisine. Now, its the drinks that are undergoing a revolution. And three mates from Copenhagen are among a vanguard of small producers redefining beverages made from apples, berries and other local and foreign fruits. At their winery in Nordhaven they crush and ferment all of these things to create products as complex and vinous as wine, quenchy as kombucha, sour as Lambic and as fruitful as freshly squeezed fruit juice. They are all wild fermented and made from Organically farmed Danish fruit with a minimal intervention ethos.

As a bonus they are also minimising food waste - every year 5 million kilos of apples fall from trees and are abondoned (I would guess it would be a similar amount in Lithuania). On the island of Fyn (Funen in english) there is a tradition of handing in excess fruit to a local cidery (donors sign that they are organically grown) in exchange for bottles of the finished product. The boys use some of this cider for use in their wines and are also borrowing the concept with the same offer at locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

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