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Carussin il Carica l'Asino

Carussin il Carica l'Asino

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One aspect of wine that never ceases to amaze me and keep me curious is the stories behind them. In Italy particuarly there are so many curious tales behind authentically produced wines.

The wine is a blend based on Carica l’Asino, Favorita, Sauvignon Blanc and Cortese Alto Monferrato. And is made in San Marzano Oliveto, a DOCG area (meaning a delineated area of control) for making this particular wine.

The vineyard is located in an area called "Valle Asinari" - "Valley of the Donkeys". In 1954 the previous owners planted it with a variety from a neighbouring area know as "Carica l'Asinoi" - "Load the Donkey". It was all too good to be true for Bruna, whose passion alongside wine happens to be donkeys.

It is light, fresh with wonderfully balanced savouriness.

Carussin is a organic/biodynamically farmed vineyard in Asti, Piedmonte. We love their style. Unpretentious, honest, hardworking and joyful - much like their lovely donkey who adorns some of their cuvees.

I'll let the makers Luigi and Bruna explain their philosophy:

"Regarding our wines we like to say they are wines with low anthropogenic impact. To work with low anthropogenic impact means to defend the integrity of the territory itself, preserve the Wine’s individuality from the standardization that chemicals, industrialization and technology have brought to farming."

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