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Gentle Folk Rainbow Juice 2021

Gentle Folk Rainbow Juice 2021

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This is picnic, BBQ, party wine. Aromatic, racy, tropical.

I'm being lazy (maybe it was the wine) and defaulting to the winemakers notes on this one:

Predominantly Pinot gris co-fermented on skins for 6 days with Gewürztraminer. The result is a super aromatic textural delight that holds true to the Rainbow Juice mantra of a skin contact rose (if that makes sense at all).

Varieties: Pinot gris, Gewurztraminer, Syrah, Chardonnay & Sauvignon blanc

Winemaking notes: Pinot gris and Gewürztraminer were picked and co-fermented together for six days before being pressed and aged in stainless steel. The Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay were also fermented on skins for a week before pressings and going into 500L oak puncheons. The wine was blended and bottled unfined and unfiltered in August 2021 with a small amount of sulphur and a 2% addition of Syrah to give it a slight pink blush.

For those that are curious, Adelaide Hills is one of the best cool climate regions of Australia which happens to have a huge collection of fabulous natural focused Australian winemakers making waves in Australia and across the wine world. A melting pot of creativity, quality and natural wine ethos.

Gentle Folk is the work of love by Gareth and Rainbo deep in the Basket Range in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. They farm their various parcels biodynamically and/or organically themselves and set out to make unpretentious wines with a view towards maximum drinkability to share with friends and food. In saying that, they happen to produce wines of real balance and sense of place. Gentle wines for gentle times.

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