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J. Osička Chardonnay 2016

J. Osička Chardonnay 2016

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Wow! What a special and distinct wine. Superb balance. Complexity, body and freshness. A must-try. This level of Chardonnay at this price... I mean... get in while you can.

Jaroslav Osička is one of the pioneers of natural wine-making in Czechia and actually taught/influenced the craft when he taught at the local wine college. He has been farming organically since the early 80's, quite early for any winery, anywhere. I love the sincerity of each of his wines. They carry a balance that is so tight, so delicately nurtured. These may not be "sexy" or "cool" wines, but they are fucking incredible wines. And it's not just me saying this, his wines are in demand globally. You can find his wines on some of the finest restaurants and wine bars from Japan to North America and also now, in... Lithuania!

Photobombed by Jaroslav himself - 2021

Photobombed by Jaroslav himself - 2021

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