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Milan Nestarec Nach 2020 (1L)

Milan Nestarec Nach 2020 (1L)

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"Serving some bright acid Moravian red realness"

"The idea here is to have wine that you can drink with literally everyone, be they natural wine fans or haters." - Milan Nestarec

Moravian reds are lighter in style, highly approachable and have great crisp acidity. This is about representing regionality and place. If you're after a big fleshy red, we'll happily guide you elsewhere. Because this is about something else equally good but different. As far as Lithuania goes I'd say this is about as close to your local quality red wine as it comes. So this is basically your neighbourhood wine. And check it out! It's just bloody fantastic.

A blend of Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch with some St. Laurent all from one vineyard.

Oh and it's in a mini-magnum (1L), naturally. It's traditional too.

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