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Syfany Blaufränkisch 2018

Syfany Blaufränkisch 2018

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Blaufränkisch may just be our new favourite red variety from this part of Europe. It's so good and is often a standard bearer for red in the region. It producers phenomenal, world-class light to medium reds with black fruit, pepper and good acidity making it a great food wine. Jakub rekons roast duck in this case which I rekon is a good shout.

This is a lighter, relatively clean cut classic Moravian example. Matured in acacia barrels from local forests giving it that velvety finish. It's an easy drinking, all occasion, crowd-pleaser that is great for any day of the week.

Syfany winery is a family affair from South Moravia, Czechia. Lots of heart. Plenty of local character, craft and patience comes through in their wines. They are wines that aren't rushed and aren't waiting for your compliments - just honest craft. I really think they are onto a good thing.

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