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Beck Judith 2017

Beck Judith 2017

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Her name is Beck. Judith Beck. This is her unique personal expression and character of the year in bottle.

In Judiths words "Judith“ is a very personal wine. When I took over responsibility for the vinification from my father in 2001 I wanted to have a wine just for myself. A wine with no rules, that I could form exactly to my vision. Initially it was always a blend, now it’s a varietal Blaufränkisch from Gabarinza vineyard.
It’s a wine that developed further with myself and this is how I would like it to be in the future."

Judith Beck is based with her family in Gols, Burgenland. A hot-bed for natural producers. Why? According to Judith, the "...region has centuries of history of small, self-sustaining family farms producing wine". Judith took over from her parents in 2004 and has converted to biodynamics since 2007. Today she maintains 20 hectares across town and mostly makes wines, with a few notable exceptions, that are really direct. Meaning they are often varietal based and express those varieties in all of their vibrant, sunny, beautifully Burgenland-ish way. The exceptions include the playfully bright, field-blend, light skin-contact wine that has won many fans, Koreaa. As well as the attention grabbing, confounding and glorious Hunny Bunny (super-light Blaufrankisch).

We fell in love with Judiths wines almost by chance. We were in Gols for Pannobile Day (a group her father helped found in 1994) to visit neighbouring producers we were already working with (Claus Preisinger & Renner). After a marathon of wine and walking, our final destination (at the other end of town from the Renner winery...) was Judith Becks winery. We found the wine (and their beer btw) so refreshing in all sorts of ways that we agreed on the spot that we'd have to bring some to Lithuania. Meeting Judith, who struck as a humble, no-nonsense, hardworking boss-lady behind beatifully honest wines sealed the deal. We're very happy and proud to have her wines.

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