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Claus Preisinger Pannobile 2017

Claus Preisinger Pannobile 2017

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In the 1990's a group of like-minded producers from this special part of winemaking Austria banded together as a community to not only combine efforts to promote their hood and their product but provide a support network of understanding, exchange of ideas and know-how. They took their name for the Roman name for the region "Pannonia". Each year members of Pannobile (9 members currently) independently make a maximum of one red and one white that they put forward to the rest of the group as their Pannobile cuvée for assessment by the other members. They must be 100% indigenous grape varieties and reflect the signature soil and climate of the region. Only wines that are unanimously answered "yes" by the members can then be labelled and sold as a Pannobile wine.

A premium blend of indigenous varieties Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch. Dark and brooding, berry fruits and flint. A real individual expression of place with a nod to the heritage of the region.

For such a quiet dude that kinda keeps to himself Claus has made a big splash in the world of natural winemaking. The wines are actually beautifully reflective of the man too, minimalist, focused, somewhat reserved but overwhelmingly charming. Claus's wines were my (and I think many others) gateway drug into not only Austrian natural wines but also Eastern/Central European wines in general.

He has ~19 hectares of vineyards and a really smartly designed modern, and of course, minimalist winery (and quite a good record collection too...). The vineyards are spread on the east side of Lake Neusiedl over three villages. The production is focused on the indigenous grape varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. Merlot is back up for the blends and Pinot Noir is amusement.

"The wines are my image of the nature. I try not to influence artificially in the vineyard and cellar. Also if I could amend the wine, I do not, because I want to show, what nature gives.

Small, native, none globalized, unconsulted (or personal). Emotion, passion, instinct, nose, mouth and to act spontaneously.”" - Claus Preisinger

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