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Garganuda Valpolicella DOC 2020

Garganuda Valpolicella DOC 2020

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Well if you're on a mission to bring natural Soave to the world you may as well make a lovely natural Valpolicella to go alongside it of course.

80% Corvina, 20% Rondinella. 12% Abv.

Andrea Fiorini Carbognin isn't from a family of winemakers. He came into it from a slightly different perspective, wanting to bring back identity and remove interference from his local wine in Soave (Verona, Veneto). He was the first to obtain DOC on his natural, biodynamic Soave. This is really difficult and something that is an ongoing struggle in many senses. It is extremely difficult to achieve the style with minimal intervention and he goes to great lengths to achieve it. And he also faces the struggle between two quite disparate worlds of wine. The "natural wine world" with it's fight for low intervention, individuality and unique expression and the world of appellation control and their control boards who literally fight for conformity. It's a really interesting and we have huge respect for his fight and the wines he produces.

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