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il Torchio Brutto Anatroccolo Rose 2020

il Torchio Brutto Anatroccolo Rose 2020

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Who's that bad-ass duck? Well this is darker, bold and beautiful rose.

Toasty, forest fruits and baked cherry pie.

Crunchy and juicy red apple, raspberry, blackberry and rosemary. Really bloody nice rose.

Il Torchio is the burgeoning project of siblings Gilda and Edoardo, and Gildas spouse Alessandro. They took over the family vineyard suddenly in 2012 after their grandfather, who was a regional winemaking pioneer and advocate of the Colli di Luni appellation in Liguria, passed away. They dropped their various careers in London and elsewhere to take on the family winery.

They are the custodians of a special site. A rare 6 hectare estate in an area where vineyard land is often separate parcels. They sit in an amphitheater at the base of the majestic hilltop town of Castelnuovo magra with eyes looking at the sea and mountains to the other sides. This is text book and postcard wine making land.

Put all of this together with wines that are naturally crafted and a love and respect for the local varieties, primarily - Vermentino, Moscato, Sangiovese (the area borders Tuscany) and also some other international varieties. Then you get wines of strong character and local charm. We adore them.

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