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Milan Nestarec Barvířka 2020

Milan Nestarec Barvířka 2020

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Sometimes we are wrong.

Milan was fortunate enough to be born into a winemaking family. His dad worked for German vine nurseries in the 90's. As a result the family ended up with a bunch of Dornfelder planted in their vineyards in 2001.

Now, wine, like most things goes through trends and sometimes varieties come in and out of fashion. Dornfelder isn't really in fashion. So when Milan took over the family business his first instinct was to rip it up and plant something more hip. However well planted vineyards typically come into their peak between 15-30 years of age. So he was overcome by the waste and decided to give it a second chance. He stuck with the ugly duckling, let the quality of the fruit speak for itself, introduced it to some Zweigelt and produced a low tannin, low alcohol, highly glugable little beauty with a very difficult name to pronounce (it means 'colour enhancer' in Czech - you'll see what it's all about when you pour it).

"Serve well-chilled with an open mind" - Milan Nestarec.

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