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Milan Nestarec Forks & Knives Red 2019

Milan Nestarec Forks & Knives Red 2019

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A red blend built for food. Probably a long table, with food platters and mess and friends and good tunes.

"Quite carbonic, immensely chuggable. Low viscosity, absent minerality, zero bullshit. Wine to be smashed along with some food - nothing more, nothing less. Serve thoroughly chilled." - Milan Nestarec.

The story behind the Forks & Knives line: "This is the kind of wine I wanna make: affordable, everyday, friendly stuff. Not something for the upper class, not something you need to swirl your glass and head around, talking about viscosity or minerality for ages (no offence, but jeez do I hate this word). My wine is for drinking, not for flashing posh terms. And the Forks & Knives range is a perfect embodiment of this." - Milan Nestarec

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