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Milan Nestarec TRBLMKR 2018

Milan Nestarec TRBLMKR 2018

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"This is basically me, bottled. Not a love at first sight, but if you're on the same wave-length, you might become friends for life. Not a big talker, more of a thinker. But opens up and even cracks jokes when surrounded by like-minded people." - Milan Nestarec

Based on Neuburger, another un-trendy variety Milan inherited. And one that he is carrying the flame for preserving because, as he argues, it is perfectly adapted to the local soil. And at the end of the day, trends have a habit of coming full-circle and when a variety is in harmony with the local terrain it's often worth preserving if you can afford to.

"As I said, if you want an instant crowd-pleaser, you’ll have to look elsewhere; if you like wines that encourage some exploration and reflection, this is probably right up your alley." - Milan Nestarec

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