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Rennersistas In a Hell Mood Pet-Nat 2021

Rennersistas In a Hell Mood Pet-Nat 2021

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A fresh picked, apple-y crisp pet-nat. Made from St. Laurent and named in honour of the Rennersistas father Helmut. I think many of us can picture him in our minds eye. But actually this tastes like it's in fantastic mood!

'Pet Nat' is short/non-french speaking for pétillant naturel, one of the oldest and original methods for sparkling wine (also known as Ancestral Method). It basically involves bottling the wine just before it's finished fermentation. The bubbles are formed by the C02 from final fermentation and the bottles left to rest a bit for the fizz to integrate into the wine. It's actually quite hard to get just right and this is another example of a wonderfully made refreshing pet-nat.

The family:

One of the key parts to my natural wine spiel is about how natural wine isn't just about the wine but the people. And the best natural winemakers are families. The Renner family is now onto their third generation of winemakers, with the latest crop taking over in 2014. That is Stefanie and Susanne a.k.a the Rennersista's, and since 2020 their brother Georg.

They farm 12 hectares by hand and it's all certified biodynamic. Some of those sites are really special, such as Altenberg, providing unique terroir, add to that a range of well selected grapes bringing complexity and local character. Or as they put it "basically just really good wines".

Also in their words:

"Our philosophy in short:

Biodynamically certified by Demeter. Soft pruning. Biodiversity in the cover crops. Living wines. Handcraft. Spontaneous fermentation. Hand picking. Time for ageing in oak and clay. No filtration, no fining. Fine lees instead of sulphur." We say, hear hear! Get some.

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