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Syfany Palasak 2018

Syfany Palasak 2018

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An orange wine made from Palava & Welschrielsing. Two local varieties that are otherwise relatively rare but grow exceptionally in this region specifically.

Aromatic, floral nose with refreshing acidity and mouth-watering texture drawing out the finish. Unfiltered, 12 days maceration, 4 weeks on skins and 10 months on fine lees in local acacia barrels made from local forests.

This wine has plenty of character and yet is really nicely balanced. I would recommend this a relatively entry point to the world of still orange wines. It has the hallmark characteristics but they nicely balanced here and aren't too in your face.

Syfany winery is a family affair from South Moravia, Czechia. Lots of heart. Plenty of local character, craft and patience comes through in their wines. They are wines that aren't rushed and aren't waiting for your compliments - just honest craft. I really think they are onto a good thing.

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