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claus puszta libre vynas

Claus Preisinger Puszta Libre! 2021

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Could there be a hotter, more fun bit of juice by a serious winemaker out there? maybe, but I don't think so actually.

Served chilled with friends. Burgenland table wine with a wink to Beaujolais. The name and bottle hark back to times when the vineyard sites were actually in Hungary. The wine is about being wild and free and oh-so-appealing in a get-me-more-now kind of way. The sort of wine we are all about really.

Claus works with gut instinct supported by meticulous know-how, biodynamic vineyards, low-tech winemaking and a lot of heart. The wines convey all of this and more in wines of incredible elegance, tension and clarity.

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