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Controcorrente Vermouth Rosso

Controcorrente Vermouth Rosso

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Aromatic, bittersweet, resinous and balsamic.

Organic grapes from Azienda Agricola Daniele Piccinin: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.

Botanicals include Thyme, Helichrysum and Rhubarb.

17% ABV

Our long sought for first natural wine based vermouths. From Controcorrente in Italy. And I dare say the ONLY natural wine based vermouth in Lithuania.
They have a beautifully written "about" on their website. I hope they won't mind us pinching an excerpt from it to quickly share what this vermouth is about "...How beautiful is the world of natural wines, capable of telling so much about the place they come from and the hands that produce them... While I watch the sun sinking below the horizon, the thought comes to me for the first time: why a natural wine cannot be the starting point for a vermouth that tells the story about Italy and the Mediterranean, their history and their flavours? And why can't I be the one to do it?"
Why not indeed! You can tell that story to us all day, and all night long

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