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Cyclic Beer Farm - Ambrée 7%

Cyclic Beer Farm - Ambrée 7%

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Ambrée: Amber Saison 7%

This is Cyclic's version of a traditional Bière de Garde Ambrée, historically made on farms in northern France. This is a beer brewed with a variety of specialty Belgian malts, continental hops, and fermented with the house's yeast at cooler temperatures. With a lot of malt character but dry.

Cyclic was founded in Barcelona in 2016 and is focused on mixed fermentation beer alongside some new projects with fruit fermentations, ciders, and natural wines.
Inspired by the traditional beers of Belgium - they use house blends of yeast and bacteria along with experimental yeast from local flora.
They work with the seasons and source organic fruit, herbs, and vegetables from the family farm just outside Barcelona.
Wild beers like this while still relatively rare are becoming increasingly available and sought-after particularly, in gastronomy where these beers can really shine. They typically find a home alongside natural wines in stores, bars, and restaurants as they share many similar flavours and philosophies. And of course, customers with open minds too.
We are really pleased to share them with Lithuania and are specially placed to present them to you as we have our team member Juan who worked with Cyclic for years and knows the beers inside-out. So, if you're interested, keep an eye out as he will be organising some special tastings/pouring’s at new skanu and at partner venues too.

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