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Gut Oggau Joschuari 2021

Gut Oggau Joschuari 2021

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The Gut Oggau introduction of the eldest son of the family:

"From high up the hills where the vines flourish, Joschuari is the gentle master of all the surveys. His demeanor seems distant, yet he is deeply connected to the region and the spectacular limestone and slate terroir. It shapes his very character, his path through life has been stony but in 2020 he has emerged fully rounded, with nobility, pose and passion.

With the gentle touch of a warm and caring friend, his only desire is for us to di the best we can. To live life the way it comes, care about what matters and focus on what’s essential. Cool and calm, reliable, dedicated, yet full of life. You can’t help but be swirled up by his passion and charmed by his quiet confidence. Experiencing a thrill of the senses and an air of tranquility with every sip."
Joschuari is a striking medium bodied Blaufrankisch. Matured in concrete and with zero added sulphur.

Gut Oggau is the cultist of cult producers. Adored and extremely sought after all over the world. And with very good reason, these are simply some of the most captivating wines and seem to get better and better every year. Stephanie and Eduard took over an abandoned 13 ha winery in 2007 in the quiet town of Oggau on the eastern bank of Lake Neusidl and immediately set about converting it to a certified biodynamic winery. They produce a “family” of wines each based on a fictional personality with their own unique character which they seek to express through the wines. It’s a non-hierarchical family and each is supported by the other. It’s more than a gimmick and is a thoughtful way to express their terroir. The older more mature vineyards generally go into the older generation – “parents” Joschuari, Emmeram, Timotheus and Josephine – the wines are more considered and grounded. The “grandparents” Mechtild and Bertholdi are from made from two single vineyards of old vines that produce more traditional wines. And the children Atanasius, Theodora and Winifred are more light, bold and energetic.

Over the ~13ha they grow typical local varieties – Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt, Gruner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Weissburgunder and Gewurztraminer.

These are truly special wines that really touch people (including us). Get to know them whenever you get the chance.

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