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Milan Nestarec Danger 770V 2022 - 11.5%

Milan Nestarec Danger 770V 2022 - 11.5%

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Magnum bottle.

"Dangerously drinkable. Approach at your own risk".

A beautifully done citrusy, salty pet-nat. Always one that we look forward to having and sharing as it's among the best in the business as far as we are concerned.

Made from a single vineyard, a sandy plot called Sahary (you can probably guess where the name for it came from...).... "So it's a field blend of Neuburger (for personality), Muller Thurgau (for drinkability) and Muscat (for some aromatic oomph).

11.5% ABV. Zero added Sulpur/S02. Certified organic farming.

Milan Nestarec is the name at the forefront of a new generation of not only Czech winemaker, but we'd also say all Eastern Europe. But the thing is there is a lot going on and a good few people behind the man and the name. He is a man. A lovely man. With big ideas. But he is also a son, father, husband, and brother (and probably a decent mate from what we gathered too). There is his wife Mirka by his side and seemingly spurring the creative side of Milan Nestarec wines. And there is the indomitable Lenka, his sister, who makes sure the wines are shared efficiently the world over. But of course, he was lucky to have a father who worked for many years in a German vine nursery. From these vines (and some second-hand equipment) they worked hard and started putting together the vineyards which Milan looks after today. And has been entrusted with the winemaking since he was 16 years old!

The vines (about 24 hectares) are certified organic since 2022 but they have been farmed as such since 2008. They also do use some biodynamic practices but aren't interested in certifying, as for Milan "... it's become a bit of a marketing gimmick. When working this way in the vineyards, you usually don't have much time left to talk about it."

Milan calls his wine "normal" as opposed to authentic, natural or low-intervention. His view and practices of normal just so align with what we call authentic natural wine. We look forward to also selling what should be considered "normal".

Many people who hadn't tried them probably would be surprised about Milans wines. I would say with each year they get classier and classier. They are really rarely particularly "funky" but they do represent their environment and the reds can certainly often veer towards what for many may still be unusual. But the whites... absolute class. Skin-contact is thoughtful and precise rather than done for the sake of it. Milan Nestarec wines really are more than a name. They are so much more.

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