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Muri Sherbert Daydream - Rose Sparkling Wine Alternative 0.4% ABV

Muri Sherbert Daydream - Rose Sparkling Wine Alternative 0.4% ABV

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Sparkling - Pink Fruit - Pine

Uplifting bubbles for modern times. Sherbet Daydream is an effervescent blend of redcurrant wine, pickled rhubarb, douglas fir, and juniper berry kefir.


Redcurrant Wine, Pickled Rhubarb, Douglas Fir, Juniper Kefir

Pairing Notes

Pair it with smoked salmon and blinis to kick off a party in style.


Serve chilled in a wine glass.

About Muri

For over 2 years we were on the hunt for some amazing non-alcoholic option. Not something that is an inferior version of something else. And something a bit more complex than a kombucha or soda. Something with great complexity, craft and that can sit proudly in-place of or beside wine. Last year we came across Muri.

Founded in 2020 by distiller Murray Paterson. Inspired by his time working at groundbreaking distiller Empirical Spirits in Denmark and living amongst a community of fermentation experts. He set about building a low/now alcoholic drinks of real craft and story that can stand in place of wine in a culianry sense.

Everything resolves around fermentation, gastronmic technique and blending. As opposed to kombucha or an infusion (like sparkling teas etc) Muri uses special cultivated yeasts, kefir grains and sourdough starter as seperate cultures within the same drink. These techniques include carbonic maceration (borrowed from winemaking), wood smoking and lacto fermentation (also borrrowed from winemaking) to boost flavour and texture. They also forage their own herbs, grind malt and toast botanicals. These different elements are then blended, much like the composition of a dish, to layer taste structure and complexity.

This is not only the next step in Low & No Alcoholic drinks. But a giant leap.

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