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Pivnica Čajkov Rustical 2022

Pivnica Čajkov Rustical 2022

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Delicate, elegant and fresh. An easy-going orange wine. Baked apricot cake, lemony acidity, light sweetish tannin. Exotic and unique.

Meet Peseka Leanka. Previously the most important grape variety in the region around the village of Čajkov. Originating from around Transylvania and/or Moldova - the variety fell out of favour with the fall of the wall in 1989. And since then has been ripped out in favour of fashionable and more convienent international varieties.

This one's from 35 year old vines and spent 7 days on skins and 12 months in old oak barrels.

However Marek looked deeper and maintained his families beloved 'Princess' as the variety is known. She is quiet and gentle yet she is very tough and almost perfectly suited to thrive in the region. It has thick leaves which are resistant to diesease in the wetter years. It has sparse, early ripening clusters suiting it well again to risk from mildew but also the sunny autumns with occasional heavy rainfalls. It also has abundant, thick roots (particualry in old vines) that allow it thrive in dry years and withstand winter frosts despite being planted in porous volcanic soils.

Meet Pivnica Čajkov. A small craft winery located at the foot of the Štiavnica Mountains and the remains of the Sitno volcano in the village of Čajkov.
Marek now leads the Uhnák family winery after generations of toil and is harnessing local varieties such as Pesecká Leánka and Feteasca Alba - varieties that are increasingly disappearing in favour of more convenient and popular international varieties. Despite the challenges Marek believes that his local gems are particularly suitable for the local climate/conditions and is passionate about sharing them the world.

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