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Pivnica Čajkov Vulcanica #6

Pivnica Čajkov Vulcanica #6

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Hot, fancy, creamy, seductive bubbles. Dry, invigorating acidity.

The base is of Pesecka Leanka grapes 2020 and Pinot Gris 2019 vintage. Spontaneously re-fermented by the addition of fresh Pesecka Leanka grape must of 2021.

This is the ever-evolving masterpiece flagship sparkling wine of Marek of Pivnic Čajkov. It goes through secondary fermentation (or Methode un-traditional as Marek likes to call it). It is a more elegant wine that is easy to drink but has great stucture, complexity of character and charm.

This is the 6th edition of a journey in natural sparkling wine making. It is undisgorged (lees are not removed), adding character and body, but a #6.1 disgorged version is underway and should be with us for Christmas. This journey has become quite the obsession for Marek who is constantly tinkering with the various nuances that go into making incredible sparkling wine such as this. Disgorging at just the right time, judicious riddling and consistency in second fermentation among a dozen other things are what seperates this from any old bubbles.

Meet Pivnica Čajkov. A small craft winery located at the foot of the Štiavnica Mountains and the remains of the Sitno volcano in the village of Čajkov.
Marek now leads the Uhnák family winery after generations of toil and is harnessing local varieties such as Pesecká Leánka and Feteasca Alba - varieties that are increasingly disappearing in favour of more convenient and popular international varieties. Despite the challenges Marek believes that his local gems are particularly suitable for the local climate/conditions and is passionate about sharing them the world.

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