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Radikon Oslavje 2018 (500ml)
Radikon Oslavje 2018 (500ml)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Radikon Oslavje 2018 (500ml)

Radikon Oslavje 2018 (500ml)

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Radikon Oslavje 2018 (500ml) 13% ABV

Wine composition: 60% Chardonnay, 40% Sauvignon, only hand-made harvested in baskets, in September 2018.

Region/soil/vineyards/viticulture: All the vineyards are in Oslavia, a small village belonging to Gorizia, in the north-eastern part of Italy, near the border with Slovenia. The rain is quite often, around 1200/1300 mm/year, but there’s usually a good wind that dries the vines right after and a good temperature range. The soil is called “ponka” or “ponca”, a particular type of compressed clay/marl of Eocene period, rich in minerals. Quite all vineyards are exposed to South or South/East on sloping hills full of grass. The density is high, but few bunches per vine allow to keep an extremely low quantity of production (around 3/3,5 tons/hectar, instead of 11 allowed by the DOC Collio). The average age of the vines of Chardonnay and Sauvignon is about 35 years old. For treatments we use only cupper and sulphur and only if needed some cover crop. The idea is to balance the soil with low-intervention actions, promote biodiversity and restore a more natural shape of the hills (while replanting a vineyard when needed), limiting erosion and landslides risk.

Vintage: Spring started 2 weeks earlier than usual, the season continued balanced and warm, with a complete ripening of the grapes 2 weeks before usual. Temperatures still quite high in the first part of the harvest.

Wine-making: After taking off the grape stalks, the grape is put in oak vats, where maceration is held without any temperature control or chemical yeasts adding. Grape skins must be always covered with wine: that’s why during all the fermentation the cap is punched down manually two times per day. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation vats are filled and the wine stays in contact with the skins for about three months, and here takes place also the malolactic fermentation.

Cask aging: After the racking, the wine rests in rover casks (25 to 35 hl capacity) for about 3 years: in the meantime, more than one racking could be necessary.

During all these processes no type of chemical preservative is added to the wine.

Racking in bottles: Racking is made without any filtration or clarification, in January 2022, in bottles of 1 liter and 0,50 liters, with no preservatives adding. The wine is aged in bottle before selling for at least one year and a half.

Suggesting you to serve this wine at (15°C 59°F) and not put in the kitchen fridge. Thank you for your choice!

A little note on the name: In 1992 Stanko Radikon started to make this blend, calling it “Oslavje”. As all other producers were using the same grapes for their white blend, Stanko’s aim was to share this name and promote Oslavia as a “cru”, so he hadn’t registered the brand. However, there was no unity in this project and he remain the only one using this name. Then, in May 2019, following a new UE regulation, the government decided that we weren’t allowed to use the term “Oslavje” anymore (for a wine, if we were producing any other food or beverage we were allowed). To us there remains a void, a cancellation (of 27 years of history), a wound in our heart, which we have stigmatized in "O......" with so many points as the unmentionable letters.
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