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Unkel Juno Riesling 2022

Unkel Juno Riesling 2022

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This is not your Mosel valley German Riesling that barely ripened. Grown on ancient Moutere gravel. A bit bigger in body (for Riesling) but still bright and fresh. Not particuarly fruity, there's a soft floral nose, fresh herbs and a chalky apple palate. A very interesting Riesling.

Remember those friendly kiwis (a.k.a New Zealanders) you met on holiday? They were smiley and charming. Always open hearted and cheerful. This is them. Bottled. By Kiwi couple Rob and Kate Burley.

After traversing the wine world making and selling (and probably drinking) wine. Rob and Kate settled in Nelson, at the far north of South Island, New Zealand. Nelson is known for it's sunny and relatively dry climate with cool minimum temperatures driving acitdity and flavour developement in the wines. Rob previously worked and released wine under the same name/label in Australia while working for Australian winemaking legends (which we have) Patrick Sullivan and Bill Downie. But in 2019 they managed to get 5 ha under a long-term lease and started making/releasing wine under the Unkel label from their own paddock and winery.

They farm organically and are awaiting certification. They work primarily with Pinot Noir, Pinot gris, Riesling, Chardonnay and of course a bit of Sauv Blanc.

These are early days for Unkel. The wines are likewise youthful and exciting but by no means immature. They are ready to drink and easy to appreciate. But we are excited to see where this journey goes. We think it will be great. Get on board now.

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