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Vynas Kalba Vol.3 Ticket

Vynas Kalba Vol.3 Ticket

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Here we are Vynas Kalba Vol.3! This time bigger and better than ever.

Vynas Kalba is a gathering of the natural wine community in Vilnius to celebrate the sun shining and provide an opportunity to check out some of the Spring releases that are freshly arrived.

Vynas Kalba was first held in 2021, co-hosted by new skanu and Vynas Grynas, it's intent was to let the wine speak for itself while we enjoy good company in a community of merchants that have common goals of responsible and sustainable consumption in all senses. But particuarly natural wine.

It has been in various formats but this time we really wanted to open it up for all to enjoy and also expand the cohort to include more of those that share our mission and values. It is a great opportunity to not only try great new natural wines but also get to know the who's and the why's of the people importing them to Lithuania.

Where: Hosted by Yda Bar, Etmonai Courtyard

When: Tuesday 30 April from 17:00 (Note: it is a public holiday on Wednesday 1 May!)

What: A journey to get to know the natural wine community better and try ~40 natural wines. It will be good chats, good vibes, good people and good tunes.

Who: local importers including - Vynas Grynas, Grape! Natural wines, Emilija (Zalia Rasa), Bene Placito and of course, new skanu.

How: You can buy THIS ticket for €22 per person (there will be a guest list at the door and wristbands handed out for ticket holders). Tickets will also be available on the day but at a higher price. NOTE: want to come with a group? There is a 5 Ticket Bundle available for €88 (so 4+1 free!).

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